Sigma CrossFit

About Us

Co-Owners, Alicia Turski and Tim Short discovered CrossFit over 4 years ago and the strength that it develops physically and mentally. They have witnessed many transformations and have seen how CrossFit can change lives. They have a passion for helping others find the motivation, drive and empowerment that they never knew they had. They want to build a community where everyone keeps each other accountable and encourages one another. “Our vision when opening this gym was to create an environment that feels like a second home to our members,” says Alicia and Tim.

What to expect?

Our CrossFit Classes consists of warmup session, strength and metcon (metabolic conditioning). Workouts are different every day. We post WODs (workout of the day) for the entire week on Sundays. Our classes are open to all ages and levels. We have experienced and knowledgeable coaches that will modify workouts to individual needs. Therefore, no matter if you are a beginner or a high level athlete, our workouts will challenge you, motivate and help you move towards your goals.